Game Ideas

CC image Game Over by Jack Teagle

My Five Game Ideas

Idea #1 alternate 80’s world tank game/ Tank Fighters

  • This game takes place in the 80’s after WW2 in a alternate timeline where the war resulted in a nuclear fall out. The goal of the game is to survive and claim territory in the now lawless remains of Paris France.

Idea #2 2d corse completion

  • This game will be a course completion game that will have a total of 8 levels that consist of a obstacle course that gets harder as the level goes on.

Idea #3 endless space shooter

This game is inspired by games such as Space Invaders and endless games such as Mario Run. The goal of the game is to kill as many enemy ships as possible and last as long as possible.

Idea #4 Starship Racer

  • This game is going to take place on multiple different planets that are inspired by planets in the star wars universe. the game will have you racing in a campaign or in verses mode with the computer or a friend.

Idea #5 Roll a ball racing

  • This game is 3d roll a ball race vs the computer in multiple different environments around the world. Your goal is to beat the time of the computer and to do as many tricks as possible.




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