Making Your First Game Advice

  • scope
  • make the game simple
  • don’t be afraid of coding
  • design your game around your skills
  • don’t be afraid to have constraints
  • use the unity store
  • stay out of your safe zone
  • never give up


  • don’t plan a project that will take more than a month
  • its going to take longer than you think
  • take what you learn and start small
  • don’t worry about the design of your first game
  • set milestones
  • break down your bigger task into smaller tasks
  • keep track of your task completion
  • look at your game at least once a day
  • don’t worry about the polish on your game
  • don’t send more than one hour on one problem
  • make people play your game

  • minimum viable product/ the minimum you can build and test
  • have a reset for you minimum viable product
  • function better than content


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