Critical Thinking Assignment

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“Not only do we tend to think about the world according to what we want to see and what we need to see, we tend to think in terms of what we expect to see.”

To me this statements holds true because I can personally say that I do think about the world according to what is wants to see and I think that we all do. Now this is not are fault we all come to expect certain things in life and that makes us see things differently than others. If we expect hardship we wont see the world in a very positive way and it works the other way around if you have had a carefree life everything you see will be positive. This can apply to any experience you have had because what you expect in life does affect your view on life

capstone 2 ideas

idea one: tank fighters

The game takes place in a alternate universe were no one won WW2 but instead in resulted in nuclear war. The game will take place in 3 different countries and there will be multiple sub locations in each country


idea two: space fighters

The game has no apparent story other than you are on a battle ship fighting against enemy ships. The game is endless and will go as long as you stay alive. As you get further the

Contemporary Game Assignment

game being reviewed: swords and sandals 2

1. Provide a detailed overview of the object of the game.

  • The game swords and sandals 2 is a very simple game to get the concept of. You start off making your character. after that you are are told you r story some how you became a slave but to win your freedom you become a gladiator

2. List 3 or more things you like about the game. Why?

  • I get create my character I like this because it motivates me to really go deep into the game
  • the easy to follow combat because it provides a smooth fun play experience
  • the difficulty because you are not overpowered to the point it is to easy to win

3. List 3 or more things you do not like about the game. Why?

  • the clunky graphics because it kinda takes away from feeling like you are apart of the game
  • how overpowered your enemies are at the beginning of the game because it makes it hard to progress through the story.
  • how much actual good gear cost because it makes enemies harder than needed

4.List 3 or more reasons why you think the game you are reviewing is successful

  • it was abel to put put out a product
  • you keep coming back for more
  • when you die you keep retrying

MDA Framework and Genre

MDA Framework

Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics

  • M – Mechanics: the rules and systems that create the play we experience/ the math for how shooting works 
  • D – Dynamics:  dynamics are the actual experience you’ll play those mechanics come together to create/ the running and gunning 
    A – Ascetics: are the underlying emotive reasons we go to that game/ the challenge or the fantasy

Eight Type of Aesthetics

  1. Sensation (Game as sense-pleasure): Player experiences something completely unfamiliar.
  2. Fantasy (Game as make-believe): Imaginary world.
  3. Narrative (Game as drama): A story that drives the player to keep coming back
  4. Challenge (Game as obstacle course): Urge to master something. Boosts a game’s replayability.
  5. Fellowship (Game as social framework): A community where the player is an active part of it. Almost exclusive for multiplayer games.
  6. Discovery (Game as uncharted territory): Urge to explore game world.
  7. Expression (Game as self-discovery): Own creativity. For example, creating character resembling player’s own avatar.
  8. Submission (Game as pastime): Connection to the game, as a whole, despite of constraints.