Citizen Kane Research

  • The Battle Over Citizen Kane

  • 1939 weathering heights and wizard of oz were being made
  • orson wells had never made a film before Citizen Kane
  • Citizen Kane called the greatest talking film ever made
  • orson wells was 21 at the time of making Citizen Kane
  • Hearst would fabricate stories to put in his newspaper
  • wells career was built on controversy
  • got his actors like they had been preparing for their whole lives
  • wells dread was not bringing out the dread in his audience
  • Hearst was able to shape public opinion across the country with his paper
  • Hearst ran for multiple political positions including president but lost them all
  • .many of wells actors were at risk and often got serious injuries
  • wells got his hollywood contract after putting on a fake news report of war of the worlds
  • Hearst completely remodeled theater to show a movie for Marian Davies
  • wells believes they portrayed Maryann Davis unfairly due to who they had in her role
  • wells contract demanded two films
  • one of wells best acting performances was one where he never said a word
  • Hearst held on to power in hollywood
  • Hearst was furious over Citizen Kane and wanted all copies of it destroyed
  • RKO 281

  • wells called the boy wonder
  • Hearst house was half the size of road island
  • wells (possibly) had the floor removed to get the right angle of a shot
  • Hearst threatened to publish slander about the studio to prevent the release of the film

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