• January
    • Hours worked 2
    • Evidence: Mr. LeDuc
    • was the skills USA  secretary for all the 2018-2019  School year
  • February
    • Hours worked 2
    • Evidence: Mr. LeDuc
    • was the skills USA  secretary for all the 2018-2019  School year
  • March
    • Hours worked 2 and a half
    • Evidence: Mr. LeDuc
    • was the skills USA  secretary for all the 2018-2019  School year
  • April
    • Hours worked 2
    • Evidence: Mr. LeDuc
    • was the skills USA  secretary for all the 2018-2019  School year
  • May
    • Hours worked 2 and a half
    • Evidence: Mr. LeDuc
    • was the skills USA  secretary for all the 2018-2019  School year

Linkedin Recommendation Semester 2 (film)

Carson is a very smart and straight to the point person. Carson and I met each other in our film class and over a period of about six months be got to work together on many group projects so we got to know each other pretty well. Carson is a very motivated person and knows how to make any situation as simple as possible which makes him a very easy person to work with. Working with Carson has always been a smooth experience since he is very easy going. Overall I would recommend carson as a teammate due to his ability to work seamlessly with any body no matter the type of project or its subject.

Art of the Interview – Citizen Kane Project


For this particular project we were tasked with making and interview about a scene from the film Citizen Kane. My group got the second clip which was titled The Union Forever. My group decided to focus on the story being told in this scene and how power shifts between each person. In the end we made an interview that explains how the people in the position of power of the scene drive the story of the scene and the impact that it will have of Charles going forward.

The Film


Test Audio

In the four clips that I have uploaded we tested different voices in the area that we ended up shooting so that we could get a better idea of what would work best for what we wanted to make.


un-edited audio

The audio that I uploaded above is the unedited version of our final audio for the interview. I did my best to get all the audio in one recording so that it would be easier on me and the editor to put it in the video


edited audio

The audio clip above is the final edit of the audio recorded during production. The editing process was easy because I only had to remove a couple mistakes made when we were recording but since I recorded it all in one clip I didn’t have to merge clips together.

Reactions to the final film

Carson- The narrator had many interesting points. The camera acts as if it is rotating around the narrator with each cut, which was interesting.

What I learned and Problems I Solved

Over the course of this project I learned a few things but there are some things that stand out. For started I learned what goes into shooting an interview. This actually goes well with another project that we did where we edited an interview and by doing this project I got to learn what went into filming that interview. Another thing that I learned was how to preform a film analysis. I feel that this skill is a nice one to have because it gives me the ability to have a deeper understanding of films and their meanings and that goes along way even outside of this class. The only problem we had was that our sound designer was a senior so they ended up leaving half way through the project. This turned out to be a simple fix because I joined the team a day before she left so I just took over as sound design.

Linkedin Recommendation Semester 2 (Game Design)

Ben is a outstanding and intelligent person. Ben and I met during my sophomore year in my game design class and over a duration of about six weeks we got to know each other better since we worked closely together on a project. Ben is a outstanding teammate and always works to make sure that he is contributing to what ever team he is on.  Ben is very outgoing and works to make any team he is on run smoothly on his part. Overall I would suggest Ben for any team no matter what the subject or topic due to is ability to work well with others.

Citizen Kane Analysis


Mise-en-scéne (meez-on-sen)

Sound and Editing

  • in the background of the clip you can hear Charles playing out in the snow blissfully unaware of what is about to happen.
  • there are parts in the scene were the noise is a kind of organized chaos with each person in the scene talking over each other.
  • mr.Thatchers voice seems to be the most prominate one in the scene and interrupts both parents at many places


  • the scene does something odd. its obvious that mrs.Kane is the one in a position of power but she is depicted as sitting where her husband the lesser power in the scene is depicted standing over her.
  • the scene does represent Mary as the more powerful one in the scene due to how close she is to the camera she appears bigger than everyone in the rest of the scene.
  • the sifting of both the camera and the characters movement through the scene seems to be a way to show how power goes back and forth from each character
  • the father most of the time is situated in the background being forced to watch what is happening but being unable to do anything about it.
  • in the beginning the camera follows Mary’s  movement through the scene as if its about her.

Narrative and Genre

  • the narrative of this scene seems to be about Charles having to go away do the the fact that his parents came into some money
  • it seems like the only one who is not on board with the plan for Charles but is also the only one whose opinion doesn’t matter

Interview Video

What I learned