Leadership: Advisory meeting/ distance learning presentation

Leadership has always been a large part of the work that is done in both the film and game design classes and this year was no different. However due to the unique situation that we all found ourselves in this school year some exciting opportunities did spring up for ways that we could achieve our leadership goals in these two classes.                  I was able to take advantage of two opportunities each with their own things to learn. firstly I was invited to an Advisory meeting that was concerned about the distance learning that everyone was taking part in and if and how it was successful. The main thing that I learned from this had to do with how decisions by the advisory committee affected that work that we do in both film and game design. Also, I learned about the full extent of the advisory committee and how it goes so much further than the few members that we see each month in our session reviews.                                                                                                               I also took part in a modified version of our session reviews that was done through a zoom meeting. this process was overall quite enjoyable since I was working from home and on my own terms, it allowed me to put together a project that I had always wanted to do and gave me wiggle room to do some experimentation that I wouldn’t have had the time to do if we were still taking part in regular schooling. What I learned from this mainly had to do with my fellow classmates. What I learned was which classmates really were motivated to do work in this field of study and of course, I learned some new tricks with game design just trough my own experimentation.