Director Pre-Production Journal for IB Collaborative film


CC image close up shot by Kelly Cookson


our preproduction process for this film started with what we wanted the film to center around and we decided to have a choreographed fight scene. From there it was just a matter of finding actors who could perform the action we wanted and also finding a shooting location as well as writing the script.

Explanation of the Film Vision

we wanted the film to have funny tone with serious undertones throughout to set up the fight scene

Target Audience

are target audience is that of a younger audience around our age simply because of the goofy tone throughout

Genre / Style of the Film

the film is meant to be goofy and funny along with some not so serious serious moments in order to achieve the overall funny.

Influences From Other Films

The film takes influences from a Halloween episode of the Simpsons as well as a few scenes from the first kung fu panda.

Consultation with Production Team

this is a screenshot of some text between Neil and I about a possible meet up time

Location Scouting

Casting Decisions

we decided to cast ben collins and Zach. L because they are both physically fit enough to perform the actions needed in the film


one of our actors has given us permission to use his house as a shooting location since it has everything we need and sent us his address



we decided to meet every Saturday from 12 to 1 to perform dry runs of the film

What I Learned and Problems I solved

One problem I had during production was that we had started going over the film with our actors but then one of them had a nee injury. There was not much of a fix for this we considered recasting but ultimately decided to wait for our actor to recover