unit 10 projects

10.C.1.A: Unity Camera Skill Development

Unity Camera Skill Development: Students complete the tutorial on the camera features in Unity

Attaching camera components to game objects 

layers and audio listener

camera space

screen space

viewport space

properties of camera

camera projection and field of view

rendering two cameras at once

split screen

10.C.1.B: Unity Lighting Skill Development

Unity Lighting Skill Development: Students complete the tutorial on the lighting features in Unity

what is the light in unity

putting a point light on a game objects

specifics of point light

using the point light

changing type of light

light range

light color

light intensity

light cookie


render mode

culling mask

light mapping

spot light

directional light 



halo as a component

banding problem



using a cookie on a spot light

using a cookie on a directional light

light mapping


10.C.2.A: Game Developers Journal Entry

Game Developers Journal Entry: In your Game Developers Journal, students discuss ideas for scene composition in their game

After watching the two videos on lights and cameras I have developed some ideas on how to use the skills I have learned to enhance my capstone game. sadly altercations to the camera cannot be made because my game is a top down space shooter style game so making changes to the camera would break the game and make it completely unplayable. However I have some Ideas on how I can use the lighting to my advantage to make in more visually impacting . For starters I want to make the overall scene darker so that the game really feels like it takes place in space which may be more a problem of changing the background but I also want to use a directional light that has a low intensity and is colored black so that it darkens the environment. Also I want to apply a light texture to certain parts of my player ship such as the windshield so I can add some contrast between the textures.

10.C.2.D: Light and Camera Positions

Light and Camera Positions: Students view video clips of various video games and critique the lighting and camera positions.

god of war camera and lighting showcase










CC image God of War_20180514121143 by Tyaren8

in the game god of war for the ps4 you end up exploring five out of the eight realms and each one invokes a different feeling. But not all of them invoke emotions however they all have their own atmosphere. The realm that you start the game out in is midgard. this realm is the only one that does not invoke a feeling that you would not feel outside of you normal day and I feel like this is intentional because this is suppose to be this games earth so it feels very grounded and realistic due to the fact that it is mostly mountain ranges and trees.

later in the the game you end up in one of the other realms known as alfheim. this is one of the more mystical realms it has a pink sky and elvish architecture that really makes you feel like your in another world. The emotions that I think the world tries to invoke would be a sense of amazement.