Making Your First Game Advice

  • scope
  • make the game simple
  • don’t be afraid of coding
  • design your game around your skills
  • don’t be afraid to have constraints
  • use the unity store
  • stay out of your safe zone
  • never give up


  • don’t plan a project that will take more than a month
  • its going to take longer than you think
  • take what you learn and start small
  • don’t worry about the design of your first game
  • set milestones
  • break down your bigger task into smaller tasks
  • keep track of your task completion
  • look at your game at least once a day
  • don’t worry about the polish on your game
  • don’t send more than one hour on one problem
  • make people play your game

  • minimum viable product/ the minimum you can build and test
  • have a reset for you minimum viable product
  • function better than content


Game Ideas

CC image Game Over by Jack Teagle

My Five Game Ideas

Idea #1 alternate 80’s world tank game/ Tank Fighters

  • This game takes place in the 80’s after WW2 in a alternate timeline where the war resulted in a nuclear fall out. The goal of the game is to survive and claim territory in the now lawless remains of Paris France.

Idea #2 2d corse completion

  • This game will be a course completion game that will have a total of 8 levels that consist of a obstacle course that gets harder as the level goes on.

Idea #3 endless space shooter

This game is inspired by games such as Space Invaders and endless games such as Mario Run. The goal of the game is to kill as many enemy ships as possible and last as long as possible.

Idea #4 Starship Racer

  • This game is going to take place on multiple different planets that are inspired by planets in the star wars universe. the game will have you racing in a campaign or in verses mode with the computer or a friend.

Idea #5 Roll a ball racing

  • This game is 3d roll a ball race vs the computer in multiple different environments around the world. Your goal is to beat the time of the computer and to do as many tricks as possible.




Roll a Ball

The roll a ball project within Unity learn was a beginning assignment for my 9th grade video game design class. The project has a 9 video series of tutorials that outline multiple aspects of the project. These aspects of roll a ball include setting up the game, moving the player, moving the camera, ect. One thing that I didn’t like was that when it came time to create code the code wouldn’t work unless you copy and pasted a code from the unity learn site in to the MonodDevelop program

My Stretch Goal for the Year

cc images 2008 Leftovers: Zelda Gold Cart by David Fant
  • Role – Level / Terrain Builder
  • Goal – My goal is to create levels on a major video game
  • Why – I want to do this because in most video games what brings attention to it is how the world looks
  • How – I will try to work at home an in collage a I want to take a class specifically designed for game design
  • When – I plan to work on this during 6th period and when I get into collage
  • Resources – a computer and a program built for rendering 3D terrain as well as a studio to develop sketches for levels
  • Milestones – I want to at least be abel to come up with a sketch for a level
  • Heroines / Heroes – Shigeru Miyamoto 

Unity learn


What I learned

A great way to start in the unity program is to use unity learn. This is another part of the unity program that walks you through the basics of easy programs such as roll a ball and a space shooter. In my game design class we started with roll a ball this was easy enough that we could learn how to do it with a simple tutorial. the tutorials have at lest 8 parts with the first being the introduction to the project and the next being setting up the project.

Career Exploration

CC image Super Nintendo controller by Dineshraj Goomany

Game designer


The Lowdown

  • designing the core elements of a game (how it plays and what it consists of .ect)
  • communicating to the rest of the team who dose what

What do I need to do this job

  • be able to work with multi-disciplinary teams
  • be able to communicate visions and ideas
  • be able to take feedback on my work
  • be imaginative and creative
  • have some programing skills

what would I be doing

Game designers decide what a game consists of and how it plays. They plan all elements of the game such as character design, story, and more




Listen Smart – Safely Handling the Power of Sound Blog Post

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