Game Design – Week 13 – Project(s)

Hotel Haunted

Hotel Haunted is a 2D run and gun game with platforming elements that takes inspiration from the games Contra, Cuphead, and Hollow Knight. The player will assume the role of an employee of Ghost Hunters inc who is called out to deal with a ghost infestation at a local hotel where all the guests and staff of the past have been transformed into a ghost.  You are tasked with riding the hotel of the infestation so that it may reopen. The player will have to face four different bosses as well as the random spirits that inhabit each floor of the hotel. After all four bosses have been defeated the player will have to face off against the owner of the hotel who has also been converted into a ghost.  The player will be equipped with a blaster that has the capacity to fire multiple types of ammo. At the start of the game, the player will have access to one ammo type but as they defeat each boss they will unlock a new ammo type.

This project is intended to act as a sort of portfolio of my skills but also to challenge myself so that I may see just how much I am capable of. The game is currently in the very late stages of per production and hopefully will enter production by the end of the year.

Refresh is a third-person shooter with movement reminiscent of arena shooters such as Quake 3 and rogue-like elements, meaning perma-death and randomly generated levels. The player assumes the role of an unknown person in the form of a parallelogram trapped in the void with a simple goal: escape. In their way stands four deadly boss enemies, Voidkeepers 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Warden, who can only be fought once all three Voidkeepers are defeated. Although on each death, the void is refreshed, resetting the player’s progress toward their goal, as well as regenerating the world.


So far I have only made the designs for the player, the first owner, as well as three of the weapon shots

Player Character
The Owner
Splatter Shot
Freeze Shot
Charged Shot


Update 1:

  • GDD Created
  • Player movement and weapon functionality finished
  • Plans for first boss underway

Update 2:

  • Player redesign
  • Owner design finished
  • first boss fight plans finished

Week 3:

  • Game Over screen designed
  • Decisions for themes of the second three boss fights made
  • Designs for Splatter Shot, Freeze Shot, Charged Shot finished.

Week 4:

  • Weapon unlock and switch mechanics created
  • development of player health and ammo mechanics underway

Release Date:

Although a hard release date has not been set I hope to be at or near completion by the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

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