2d world design

My primary focus of tutorial was based on 2d design because my game that I will be developing is a 2d space shooter. At first I just focused on the overall development instead of one specific area. This worked for some time but after some time I got all I was going to get out of that tutorial. The biggest thing that I wanted to learn how to do is but ing the background of the game but after that I shifted focus to the mechanics of the space shooter. This is because I am very bad at coding and figured that I could make the job easier if I knew exactly what code I needed to use. Apart from figuring out what and how things need to be done I also found the necessary tutorials that the people on my team will need and I have started making a list of tutorials that my team will use to build the game. I have already done some work on backgrounds but I am planning on making new ones and I hope to get the help of one other person who can work with photoshop. Next is the videos for the programers this will be one of the top focus of my game and I will have the most people working on this because there are so many moving parts. The coders will be assigned a certain aspect of the game one will handle the ship (player) as well as the shooting animations for both the player and enemies the next programer will work on the ships movement this programer will have free reign to create the enemy attack patters and formations and the last one will be the one that creates particle affects that will create the allusion of movement in space.


Project Charter Form

Project Name Star ship dash
Project Description This game will be an arcade style side scrolling where the player is trying to clear the individual levels as a space ship each level will include a new color set and the biggest obstacle will not be enemies but objects that the play must avoid or shoot out of the way not all objects can be avoided and not all can be shot
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Project Objectives The objective of the game is to ovoid or shoot bojects in the players way to clear the levels
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Assumptions the palyers will have a basic understanding of how to use the up down and space keys on a key board
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We agree that this is a viable project. The Project Team Member(s) are authorized to begin the planning, design, and development process for this project.

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Game pitch proposal

Cover Page

gun ship dash

Executive Summary

Gun ship dash is based off the designs of a geometry dash, Galaga, and space invaders. It will be a infinite arcade auto side scrolling game. The game will include obstacles that you must avoid ones that you must shoot and ones yo must avoid obstacle will be represented by color purple for an obstacle that you must avoid green for and object that you must shoot. The very first gameplay that the player will experience will be a tutorial on how to move the character and and shoot obstacles.

 Game Description

(7 page max): Describe the game in greater detail.
(Label and include the following 8 subsections listed below)



The Quest

The game is broken down into levels and each level will be harder than the last you can skip levels if you want but it is recommended that you play the levels in order starting with the tutorial so th

Main Character

The main character is you (the space ship) but since the the game is a arcade style game no motive is stated for your character you are simply trying to go for as long as you can.

Sketch of Main Character

(1 page max) A sketch of the Main Character.


The main opponents in the game are not enemies that attack but the object along your path some you can just move out of the way of but others you must destroy

Sketch of Opponents

(1 page max) A sketch of the primary Opponents.


the environment will be based off of geometry dash meaning that it will have a single color back ground with triangles rectangles and squares and decorations as well as obstacles    

Sketch of World

(1 page max) A sketch of the level in which the game is played.


(1/2 page max) initial menu screen and any options include a sketch.


the controls will just be the up and down arrows for directions and the space bar to shoot




(1/2 page max): This is the final sales pitch. Include a brief summary that would make
someone want to buy your game!