My Stretch Goal for the Year

cc images 2008 Leftovers: Zelda Gold Cart by David Fant
  • Role – Level / Terrain Builder
  • Goal – My goal is to create levels on a major video game
  • Why – I want to do this because in most video games what brings attention to it is how the world looks
  • How – I will try to work at home an in collage a I want to take a class specifically designed for game design
  • When – I plan to work on this during 6th period and when I get into collage
  • Resources – a computer and a program built for rendering 3D terrain as well as a studio to develop sketches for levels
  • Milestones – I want to at least be abel to come up with a sketch for a level
  • Heroines / Heroes – Shigeru Miyamoto 

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