Game Design – Week 11 – Updating Workflow – Mind Like Water

“‘Be shapeless and formless.. like water’ (Bruce Lee)” by is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“Have a mind like water.”

― David Allen,  GTD


  • Through the assignment, “Week 11 – Updating Workflow – Mind Like Water,” I worked on establishing foundational knowledge in Construct 3. I also updated my GTD with the tasks from this week and refined it more to work more efficiently.


Construct 3 / PlayCanvas – Javascript

Unity – C#


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What I learned from the reading in this section is that Construct 3 while simple in its construction is a powerful engine that has power many great games and seems like it will continue to in the future. Along with this I also learned that a large part of Construct 3 is built to teach the fundamentals of game design before doping prospective game designers into the deep end of using code.


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During my fifteen-minute break, I was able to figure out what was working in the way I structure my brain and what needed changing. The largest thing that I felt was working was that I have been making a point of focusing on my work so that I can keep my to-do list from getting overloaded and as a result keep me from getting overwhelmed. However, I did come to the conclusion that I have not been giving myself enough time in between my work to take a breather and collect my thoughts. As a result of this, I have been losing steam throughout the day much quicker than I am accustomed to or would like to. Overall I have determined that although my daily structure is great for getting all my work done as quickly as possible it is also making me more tired than what I believe is good for me and that I may need to be willing to take more substantial breaks if I want to keep up with my daily task


Screenshot from Construct Begginer’s Guide

What I made this week in construct 3 was largely based on the project built in the guided tour. What I did was simply play around with the controls provided by the guided tour and see what changes I could make. In the end, what I came to wasn’t very different from what the tour had me develop but it did give me a good understanding of the inner workings of Construct 3.


In this week I learned how to use the Construct 3 game engine. I did find that the engine has some good qualities but feel that it is rather limited compared to other engines. One problem I had was learning how to put things together with the drag and drop model that Construct 3 uses. This simply took me adapting to a new engine after using unity for so long to overcome this but after some time I felt most comfortable in the engine.

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